“My work often moves between disciplines, finding I am reinventing myself through my work, readily moving from one idea to another with a subsequent shift of medium, from creating sculptural and conceptual site-specific installations to a more traditional approach to drawing and painting. However, even within this more ‘traditional’ approach I often look to employ alternative tools, approaches and techniques, such as exploring the quality of mark through fusing oil paint and water-based materials together or using part of the physical environment, such as employing the use of granite stones to be used as a drawing and painting tool, making a physical and experiential connection between the memory of visiting a location through to the resulting work, reinforcing and embedding a specific memory.
My works, at times, can appear solitary, bleak and isolated, this is not accidental. I find myself drawn to creating works that echo these feelings. responds to spaces I may have visited, explored or remembered.”
Oliver David Reed, b. Beverley, East Yorkshire, England 1970. 
Foundation Diploma at Leeds College of Art (1989)
Fine Art (Hon's) Degree at Hull College of Art (1993)
Master’s of Fine Arts Degree at Edinburgh College of Art (1999)  
UAL: Postgraduate Certificate in H.E. in Learning & Teaching (2007)

Oliver has taught at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University since 1999, currently holding the position of
University of Edinburgh.
Films, Articles & Publications
2014     Documentary film by 'Art in Healthcare' part of a series entitled,  ‘Artist Uncovered’.
2014     ‘Artist Uncovered’ - An article by Martine Foltier Pugh, ‘Art in Healthcare’.
AIR (artist in residence)
2013     ‘Outlandia’,  Glen Nevis, Scotland. (unfinished).
2008     iPark, East Haddam, Connecticut, USA
1998     Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio, USA.
Site-Specific Works 
1999        'Focal Stone', Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Scotland.
Solo Exhibitions
11/17-2/18 'Varieties of Presence', Tweeddale Gallery, Peebles, Scotland.
5/08-6/08        Superficial Intrusions, Hull College of Art & Design, England.

Group Exhibitions 
1/2019          ‘Alight’ - Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh.
12/2016           ‘Fly’ - Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh.
2/2015             ‘Converge’ - Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh.
7/14-10/14      ‘Beyond Land’, BP Atrium Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland.
5/12-6/12        Duns, Castle, Scottish Borders
2009                Environmental Sculpture, iPark, East Haddam Connecticut, USA.
12/08               ‘Open Studios’, iPark, East Haddam, Connecticut, USA.
5/08-5/08        ‘Art for Rosie’ Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland.
4/00-5/00        Wasps, (Stockbridge Gallery), Edinburgh.
Professional Body
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Visual Arts Scotland - Professional Member
Visual Arts Scotland - Council Member (2015-2017)
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