12/2/21 'SET XIV 49x60cm (Pencil, oil paint, marker pen, spray paint and ink on paper)

'SET XIII' 65x105cm (Oil paint and marker pen on paper)

'SET XII' 51x86cm (Oil paint, marker pen and pencil on paper)

'SET XI' 68x110cm (marker pen and pencil on paper)

'SET X' 92x90cm (oil paint, marker pen and pencil on paper)

'SET IX - Chalamain Gap'  64x101cm (oil paint and promarker pen on paper)

'SET  VIII - Coire' 60x90cm (Oil on Paper)

'SET VII - The Lost Valley’ 63x91cm (oil and pencil on paper) 
SET VI - 'Coire’ 60x90cm (oil on paper) 

SET V - 'The Lost Valley’ 63x101 cm (oil and pencil on paper) 

'SET IV - The Lost Valley' 65x103 (oil paint and coloured pencil on paper)

'SET III - Tumbling Coire' 110x110cm (pro-marker pen on Di-bond)

'SET II - The Lost Valley (After Wu Yuanzhi)'  65x90cm (oil paint, pencil and marker pen on paper) 

'SET I - The Lost Valley 60x80cm (oil pencil and pro marker pen on paper)

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